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Landscaping Stone Options

Landscaping stone can be used to solve many common yard or garden landscaping problems. Landscaping stones can be used to create a flagstone patio, a stone walkway, a terracing effect for your garden, and many other landscaping uses. Landscaping stones can also be used to prevent erosion in your garden. By creating a landscaping stone wall for your lawn or garden, you can keep your plants from being damaged by rainwater or runoff waters. Landscaping stone walls can also be used to keep your gardening soil in place.

Landscaping stones can also serve as nice accent pieces to your lawn or garden. Choose appropriate sized stones for your lawn. For example, a smaller yard would be accented better and more appropriately by smaller sized stones, and would be dwarfed by larger ones. A larger yard could easily accommodate several larger stones, while smaller stones could easily disappear in a larger area.

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Accent stones can be used along your sidewalks or along the walkways of your lawn or garden. These striking pieces can increase the value of your home or property and add interest to your lawn and garden. The trick to placing accent landscaping stones is to go for a natural feel. Don’t place the landscaping stones in a haphazard manner. Place the stones in a deliberate natural way.

One trick that professional landscapers use is to partially bury the accent landscaping stones, rather than simply setting them on the lawn. Burying the landscaping stones a few inches into the ground helps recreate the feel of a natural landscape environment, and can make a huge difference to your landscaping project.

Flat landscaping stones can also be used decoratively to create pathways through your lawn. Creating flat stone pathways can add a whimsical touch to your landscaping design, while preserving your lawn from unnecessary wear. Use the flat stone pathways to lead to the focal point of your lawn or garden. Landscaping stones also work beautiful when creating outdoor artificial water features. Landscaping stones can be a beautiful accent to a manmade fountain or fishing pond, while also serving a useful structural function.


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